Data Loss

Keep sensitive information safe and sound with full-disk, email and device encryption.

Customers expect their personal information to be safe and secure in your hands. You simply can’t afford to lose that trust. When a data breach occurs, depreciation of brand value, loss of clients and regulatory fines may occur. According to the Ponemon Institute, organizations can expect to spend approximately $194 per record or $5.5 million total per data breach (based on a study of 49 recent data breaches).

You can’t retrieve lost laptops and USB drives, but you can ensure the valuable data that’s on them stays safe. In addition, you can control what your users are doing with sensitive data.

The wrong way to protect against data loss: 

“We have an encryption program in place, so we’re protected against outside attacks.”

The smarter way to protect against data loss:

You might be surprised by the role human error plays in data loss. Many data breaches are caused by a forgetful employee leaving their flash drive at a coffee shop, or a thief breaking into a car and stealing a laptop. While internal policies can be a huge help, encryption software can alleviate concerns regarding intentional or accidental information leakage.

Our approach to data loss

Go for the gold
Your data is the metaphorical “Holy Grail” for attackers. So why open yourself up to a costly data breach when you can ultimately save money and headaches from a public relations nightmare with full-disk encryption? By using the strongest and fastest encryption commercially-available, your data is rendered unreadable to anyone that may find your device. Additionally, systems are centrally controlled and integration with authentication means only one strong password is needed.

Sharing is nice, but is it safe
You may need to share data with people outside of your organization or organizational work unit, but still need a secure way to do so. File-level encryption allows you to drop sensitive information onto removable or network drives without needing to worry should those drives be accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Spam is no longer the biggest nuisance in your inbox
Email is, by far, the easiest way to lose control of data. An employee can send information to the wrong people. A file could contain more information than intended. The email account of a trusted partner could get hacked. To protect against incidents like these, email encryption is a necessity. Like file encryption, it can be manually activated or configured to automatically encrypt defined sensitive data.

Keep your mobile workforce under control
Whether you have laptops or smart phones, odds are you have devices that roam inside and outside of your network. These devices can be stolen or lost and commonly have direct access to your sensitive data. Being able to disable or wipe clean these devices remotely and enforce organizational policies on them is essential.

The technology in our toolbox

  • Airwatch Mobile Device, Application and Content Management
    Airwatch provides enterprise-grade mobile solutions designed to be highly scalable and to integrate with existing enterprise systems; with the flexibility of being deployed either in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Bit9 Parity Suite
    Taking a different approach to malware and application control, Bit9’s whitelisting gives you fine-grained control over Windows applications and can help protect you against even the most complex threats.
  • Sophos Email Security and Data Protection
    Even non-technical users can utilize Sophos’ Email Security and Data Protection with ease.
  • Sophos Endpoint, Safeguard and Small Business Protections
    While there is no such thing as a “silver bullet” for security, Sophos combines numerous features to give web protection and inspection capabilities for different budgets.
  • Sophos Mobile Control
    Sophos’ new cross-platform protection works even in a BYOD environment where iPhones and Android devices share the network.
  • Sophos Web Protection
    Sophos web protection provides category-based controls coupled with the anti-malware knowledge needed to counter this modern threat.
  • Sourcefire Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
    Sourcefire’s network defense products combine excellent engineering with a top notch research team focused on identifying and responding to the latest network attacks.
  • ZixMail
    ZixCorp’s email encryption technology integrates with all other Zix installations across the planet so anyone on the Zix network can exchange email in a secure and completely transparent manner.